Business Ethics Teaching Cases: Call for Case Writing Proposals!

Deadline Extension to June 11, 2018 (11:55 GMT)

Case Submission Categories
Case Submission Requirements
Case Submission Format Guidelines
Review Criteria
Intellectual Property
Key Dates and Deadlines

As part of its mission to serve Business Educators, Al Akhawayn Center for Business Ethics (CBE) is pleased to organize Call for Business Ethics Case Writing Proposals. We invite submissions of cases in any business discipline as long as the topic is directly linked to ethics situations in business real-life dealings. The underlying purpose is to promote case-writing capabilities towards expanding educational resources and enriching the teaching material on Business Ethics in effort to facilitate experiential learning using Case Method to inspire Responsible and Values-based Leadership among students as Future Managers and Business Leaders.

A selected set of high-quality case submissions will feature in CBE Case Studies Collection. The total honorarium is worth 64,000 Moroccan Dirhams (MAD). Honorarium will be released to the writers of the 5 best Teaching Cases on Business Ethics.


Case Submission Categories

  • Category 1: Large Case Study of at least 5000 words (ten pages); and
  • Category 2: Small Case Study of  1000 to 2000 words (up to four pages).



  • The Call is open to Faculty members participating individually or as a team of co-authors, including graduate students, and / or business managers. A team of co-authors shall have a faculty as a core member. Collaboration between faculty and business professionals is encouraged;
  • An author or a team of co-authors can submit one case or multiple cases; and
  • The Jury’s decision is final .



The allocated honorarium of 64,000 MAD will be distributed the following way:

  • Category 1: the Top Two Large Case Submissions
    • First place case honorarium: 25,000 MAD and
    • Second place case honorarium: 15,000 MAD.
  • Category 2: the Top Three Small Case Submissions:
    • First place case honorarium: 10,000 MAD;
    • Second place case honorarium: 8,000 MAD;
    • Third place case honorarium: 6,000 MAD.


Case Submission Requirements

One single case or series of cases can be submitted by one applicant author or team of co-authors. Case submissions should fulfill the following conditions:

  • Be written in English, French, or Arabic;
  • Address any business discipline or be the result of cross-disciplinary collaboration with focus on ethics situations in business real-life dealings in one of CBE priority sectors: Energy, Industry, Healthcare, and Infrastructure and cities;
  • Be usable for teaching in Business undergraduate and/or graduate courses;
  • Be a teaching case based on a real-situation faced by an actual organization with clear ethics decision making dilemma. Academic (research) cases are not accepted;
  • Be written based on either published material or fieldwork research, in collaboration with a company. If it is not based on published material, company’s consent to publish release form is then required;
  • Be original and have not been previously published elsewhere or being currently under consideration for publication throughout the duration of the Case review;
  • Adhere to Academic Integrity: the Judges may use plagiarism detection software in case of need;
  • Be anonymous by not mentioning author(s) identifying information (team name, affiliation, or logo) anywhere in the Case file; and
  • Be accompanied with Case Abstract and Teaching Notes.


Case Submission Format Guidelines

Cases should be submitted in the following way:

  • Case Authors’ Registration: should be completed by filling out Case Authors’  Registration Form  by May 3rd in order to specify the preliminary details of your case: tentative title, abstract, and collaborators’ names. Because cases are blind reviewed, this is the place where author-identifying information should be indicated;
  • Case Title Page: should be completed by filling out Case Title Submission Form by May 21st ( the New Deadline is June 11th) to specify Case Entry details: Title, contributing author(s), and contact information. Because cases are blind reviewed, this is the place where author-identifying information should be indicated; and
  • Case and Teaching Material Entry: must be submitted in one single file containing: 1) Case Title and Abstract (200-400 words); 2) Case Study: the narration of the ethical situation (Maximum 20 pages in total including industry notes and appendices); 3) Teaching Notes (Maximum 20 pages); and Company’s consent to publish release form if the case is based on primary data collected through fieldwork research in collaboration with a Company. The case file should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word Document (in single-spaced A4 pages) along with PDF copy in a ZIP File addressed to no later than May 21, 2018 (Deadline). Please indicate in the Subject Line: CBE Business Ethics Case Writing. If the case file includes author-identifying information, the case submission will be disqualified.

Please consult Case Review Criteria before submitting your Case Entry.


Review Criteria

Case Submissions will be rated according to the following criteria:

  • Case writing quality accounts for 50% of overall score;
  • Teaching Notes accounts for 30% of overall weighting; and
  • Originality accounts for 20% of overall grade.


Intellectual Property

  • Authors / co-authors submitting cases retain full copyright of their respective cases. If cases become published, authors/ co-authors will be credited;
  • Organizers of the Call for Teaching Cases have the right to use, edit, publish, and distribute cases without further prior authorization from the authors/ co-authors and / or payments to authors / co-authors.


Key Dates and Deadlines


Please consult Case Review Criteria before submitting your Case Entry.

Integrating Ethics into the Business Curriculum – Case Writing Workshop

Facilitated by an eminent Case Method Specialist, Dr. Tamym ABDESSEMEDthe Workshop will walk faculty participants through the process of Ethics Case Writing. The expert-led workshop is designed for both: experienced as well as new case writers. With hands-on learning approaches, it intends to develop faculty confidence and further advance mastery capabilities in writing cases for impactful classroom uses.

Register Here.

Formation à la conception et l’écriture des cas pédagogiques en éthique des affaires

Atelier animé par Dr. Tamym ABDESSEMED, Professeur de stratégie et Directeur Général adjoint académique et de la recherche d’ISC Business School Paris, où il dirige également l’axe de création de matériaux et de cas pédagogiques qu’il a fondé en septembre 2017.

Veuillez vous inscrire dès que possible, car le nombre de places est limité.

Formulaire d’inscription

Faculty Development Workshop on “Ethics Curriculum and Pedagogy”

18 Faculty from different Business disciplines teaching in 13 Business Schools based in Casablanca, Rabat, Settat, and El Jadida successfully completed Faculty Development Workshop on “Ethics Curriculum and Pedagogy” facilitated by the award-winning scholar, Dr. Mary GENTILE.

2017-10-13_Faculty Development Workshop_Casa_GVV Curric_ 2017-10-13_Faculty Development Workshop_Casa_GVV Curric_2  20171013_130638 20171013_130728

Faculty Development Workshop on “Giving Voice to Values (GVV): The ‘How’ of Business Ethics in Education”

Faculty at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) participated at the Faculty Development Workshop on “Giving Voice to Values (GVV): The ‘How’ of Business Ethics in Education” facilitated by the award-winning scholar, Dr. Mary GENTILE

2017-10-10_Faculty Development Workshop at AUI_GVV Curricul 2017-10-10_Faculty Development Workshop_ AUI_GVV Curricula4 2017-10-10_Faculty Development Workshop_AUI_GVV Curricul_3 2017-10-10_Faculty Development Workshop_AUI_GVV Curricul_5 2017-10-10_Faculty Development Workshop_AUI_GVV Curricul_6 20171010_120826

Awareness Talk on “Giving Voice to Values (GVV): Values-Driven Leadership”

Students, Faculty, Administrators, and Executives at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) had thought-provoking discussions during the Awareness Talk on “Giving Voice to Values (GVV): Values-Driven Leadership” given by the the award-winning scholar, Dr. Mary GENTILE

2017-10-09_GVV Lecture at AUI  2017-10-09_GVV Lecture at AUI_2

2017-10-09_GVV Lecture at AUI_Audience reaction  2017-10-09_GVV Lecture at AUI_Audience reaction_2

2017-10-09_GVV Lecture at AUI_Audience reaction_5    2017-10-09_GVV Lecture at AUI_Audience reaction_3    2017-10-09_GVV Lecture at AUI_Audience reaction_4

2017-10-09_GVV Lecture at AUI_Audience reaction_6


Faculty Development Workshop on “Integrating Ethics in Business Schools’ Curricula”

19 Faculty from different business disciplines teaching in 17 institutions based in Casablanca, Settat, Rabat, Kenitra, Meknes, and Tangiers successfully completed Faculty Development Workshop on “Integrating Ethics in Business Schools’ Curricula” facilitated by California-based expert, Prof Ellie ASMAR

2017-05-19_Faculty Development Workshop_Prof. Asmar_2 2017-05-19_Faculty Development Workshop_Prof. Asmar_3 2017-05-19_Faculty Development Workshop_Prof. Asmar_GP 2017-05-19_Faculty Development Workshop_Prof. Asmar_1

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