Research Projects

Research Projects

Factors Impacting E-procurement Adoption in the Moroccan Health Sector: The Role of  Transparency


Fighting corruption and enhancing integrity is a major challenge facing developing countries today. The adoption of Information Communication Technology (ICT), mainly in the procurement process in the public sector, seems to be one of the ways used by some countries to fight corruption and enhance clean business. In addition to that, investigations on factors that determine either the adoption of rejection of ICT is at the heart of many studies within the management of information system field. Therefore, the current research sheds the light on the prominent factors that would ensure a successful implementation of Information Communication Technology within the procurement process of the Moroccan health sector. To this end, this research had extended the technological acceptance model by tackling other determinants which impact ICT adoption. Thus, the framework includes the impact of perceived ease of use and usefulness on the intention to adopt IT. In addition to that, it endeavors perceived risk, perceived transparency, self-efficacy, and personal innovativeness as key concepts that should be taken into consideration in such a way to ensure an effective and successful implementation of ICT within the Moroccan health sector. Last but not least, the results of this study will be a strategic key that would take the procurement process to the next level. In other words, a successful adoption of ICT within this process goes hand in hand with procurement transactions based on transparency, effectiveness, and integrity. To this end, the results of the tests support the significant impact of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived transparency, perceived trust, and personal innovativeness on the intention to adopt e-procurement within the Moroccan health sector.

Keywords: e-procurement, corruption, transparency, healthcare, ICT

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Ethical Work Climate, CSR, and Organizational Performance: Employee Perspective


Good ethical work climate is very important in promoting and fostering corporate social responsibility and ethical culture within organizations. Several research studies have shown that CSR and ethical work climate are linked to organizations performance. In this study, we attempt to empirically show the relationship between ethical work climate, CSR and organization performance within Moroccan organizations. We will survey employees in the private sector about their perceptions on the impact of work ethical climate and CSR on the organization performance.

Keywords: Ethical Work Climate, CSR, Organization performance.

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